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Prufurd Digital is still under development so some features, products or revenue generators aren’t available at the present time. As the site grows those features will be introduced.


Prufurd Digital is all about communications (replacing outdated advertising) and connections. Technology has had major improvements over the last 30 years, but advertising hasn’t been upgraded, improved or made less disruptive in that time frame. So in the coming months Prufurd Digital will be implementing SaaS Communications solutions that will disrupt and destroy the current advertising model. Currently there are 3 solutions in development that will allow for a more pleasant viewing and listening experience.


The short of it: a platform where members, creators and brands come together to share/consume info, content, news and so much more. But the differentiator is The Prufurd Digital only delivers relevant, requested and related content(it will get better and more specific as the site grows)

  1. Deliver more, better and higher paying stream and revenue opportunities
  2. Disrupt n Destroy the current annoying, disruptive, invasive, targeted, wrong messaging, mis timed, outdated and last century advertising model. Advertising is DEAD, IT’S TIME TO INTERMUNICATE!!! (Interact -Communicate)


Why build it. Koz I wanna create a BETTER planet for us to inhabit, and I’m gonna pursue it thru F.A.M.L.E.E., Fashion, Art, Music, Lifestyle, Entertainment and Events. (You can find one of those in common with every other human, RIGHT!!, so let’s build on it from there. (LETS GO!!)


About Members

Make a connection with someone from a different city, state or country. Members get points for logging on, viewing pages, comments, likes and posts.

Site Points:

register =10, anniversary =100, daily visit =2,  viewing post and page, page and post author =1

Community Points:

1 point for each; new post, comment, like content,  add stream content, profile cover (1 wk), add avatar (1 wk) and add friend

Visit the Rewards page to view items for each milestone level.

**In the future the Rewards option will allow for the points to be converted to cash.


About: Prufurd Digital is about, created for, imagined, striving for, and pursuing a global F.A.M.L.E.E. connection.

Fashion. Art. Music. Lifestyle. Entertainment. Events.


About: Creators: Bands, Musicians, Artist, DJ’s,  Entertainer, Etc: are you looking for a better way to connect, communicate, market and sell to your fans? Then is the platform that you’ve been looking for.

Prufurd Digital F.A.M.L.E.E.
(The short of it. To build a diff’runt kind of platform! One that gives any entrepreneur an opportunity, embraces creativity and good competition. Also offers creators, entrepreneurs, sole proprietors and small businesses the most, best and highest paying revenue streams online.)

Revenue generators available today

  • up to 29 pages for your text, graphics, audio and video content 
  • storefront

In the works

Phase 2 (August 2024)

  • open store for all vendors (no guns, drugs, alcohol, gambling or any illegal activities allowed)
  • introduce Prufurd MobileBDA^

Phase 3 (January 2025, hopefully sooner)

  • communications shares^
  • cross promotion plans^
  • Prufurd App

^ unique revenue stream generators

If you are looking for more revenue streams, deeper fan engagement, group membership savings, cross promotion opportunities with other industries on our platform, then you can find more info here.

  • Your own storefront (you keep 90% of all your sales, 93-95% in the future)
  • Keep 80% of all of revenues brought in from your communications or interactions (listens, plays, views, etc) on your pages^
  • Create various revenue streams by just being on the Prufurd platform^
  • Increase fan/consumer engagement thru various connections**
  • Generate more revenues while on tour; multiple streams available**
  • Prufurd Digital partnership will offer discounts, sponsored, comped or other savings benefits**
  • Prufurd Digital will partner with many brands from various industries to offer non exclusive cross promotion opportunities( for example you could be promoting 2 different clothing brands at the same time)**

**projections only, will be phased in

+ musician & clothing brand cross-promotion opportunities


About Clothing Brands: Are you looking to grow your brand? Do you want to expand nationally or globally? Then is the platform for you. We will be connecting you with musicians, bands, artist, DJ’s, entertainers, influencers and consumers around the globe.

The Prufurd Digital platform will become the online destination where THE NEW NEW WILL BE AT!! Why? Because the platform was built with a DIFF’RUNT PURPOSE!!! To give brands from around the world opportunities, exposure and networking on one platform.

Get your brand in front of the audience that you are trying to sell to. Prufurd Digital will have numerous pages where your brand could be promoted and featured on. There will be monthly MIXX merch boxes, site membership only deals, flash package specials, promo packages and much more.

Prufurd Digital ONLY offers NON EXCLUSIVE partnerships( meaning that brands can sponsor more than 1 (one) partner, and a partner can be sponsored by more than 1 (one) brand at the same time)

There are many more opportunities, partnerships and programs to be introduced.

+ clothing brand & musician cross-promotion opportunities


About: Companies, Brands, Organizations

Connect with consumers in the most engaging manner on the planet. Deliver your info, updates, content and much more to customers and consumers that have requested, shown interest or engaged with the brand.


Prufurd Digital Mission

My mission is to help as many people globally as possible by providing information, ideas and support, that will hopefully lead to opportunities, hope and the pathway to a better future.

Prufurd Digital Goals

Deliver information that makes a difference, inspires, motivates, spreads knowledge and to be the destination that invokes thought.

Prufurd Digital Vision

To make the Prufurd platform the global leader in the distribution of information, connections, notifications and relevant/requested communications.

Prufurd Digital Process

Create a global platform that brings us all within a click of each other, our ideas and relevant, pertinent and needed information.


About reggiemoso: I’m DIFF’RUNT!!! I am atypical of most Internet company founders; I’m black, not well funded (lacking funds), not young (59), don’t write code, not connected to anyone in Silicon Valley (didn’t go to Stanford, I only played pickup basketball there), not looking for VC funding, so I will definitely be approaching this project from a different perspective.

I am a dreamer, creator, thinker, connector, builder, innovator, designer, difference maker that’s on my digital grind and hustle.

I am also very persistent, so I created, a communications platform, and, the wearhouse for all my clothing brands(and brands from all over the globe one day).

I LOVE diff’runt. So, I love to create, experiment and imagine. I love sports, music, short films, taking pictures, clothing, traveling, flying, architecture, tall buildings, big cities, small towns, antiques, tin cans and much more. So my ideas, dreams, pursuits, passions, and purpose come from all over the place.

Peace n Respect,                                                                                                                                   


Made in Ardmore, OK
Crafted in E. Palo Alto, CA

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