Creator Options

Prufurd is a platform that allows Creators to share, distribute and monetize their content (text, graphic, audio and video).

  1. You will retain all ownership, distribution, creative and monetization rights of all content you upload
  2. Keep 100% of all revenues you generate on your pages (from sponsors you place on the pages)
  3. You will receive 50% of revenues from sponsors placed by Prufurd


6 Paid plans are available for streaming

  1. $5.99 2 pages
  2. $9.99 4 pages
  3. $15.99 6 pages
  4. $19.99 8 pages
  5. $29.99 10-19 pages
  6. $39.99 20-29 pages



Gambling, Alcohol, Guns, Illegal Drugs, Porn, Bullying, Abuse, Hate or Negativity IS NOT allowed!!

Interested in getting paid for posts, views and streams??

The platform is part social media, e-commerce, communications (advertising but I do it different), relevant info and more. So how does that work for content creators and how will it be different from other social media platforms?

  1. You get paid^ for views^ and streams^. There are 2 different plans right now. First one is free with 3-4 pages of text and pictures (views), the 2nd is for streaming – where there will be 2 pages for content $5.99 per month and up (+ 3-4 free pages).
  2. Pay will be in the same ballpark per view/stream^ of other streaming services which is .003 per stream^ (but it will be better in future).
  3. Brand – building, positioning and innovation thru communications*
  4. You can find your own local/national advertisers to be on your page and you keep 100% of those revenues you generate.
  5. If I find the communications for your page then its split 80/20 (you get 80%), and you’ll also get a rate of .003 per view/stream^. (You can place as many communications on your page as you like)
  6. You could do a brand post(pictures, audio or video) on your page keep 100% of the rate you charge and also get paid for view/streams also.
  7. You could also have a store on the site to sell your own brand of tees, beanies, hoodies, music etc
  8. Non Sports Opportunities – possible partnerships with national companies, brands, organizations, etc.

What are ways to make $’s

^revenues, income, payments, etc. will begin once there are brands become partners on the site (by 9/1/24, hopefully sooner)


  1. Homepage
  2. Bio
  3. Merch
  4. Photos
  5. News Feed


  1. Music
  2. Audio
  3. MobileBDA
  4. 24HR Channel (all of your content)
  5. VOD
  6. PPV
  7. Podcast, Interviews
  8. Livestream# (you will need a 3rd party software to livestream)


  1. Possible placement on Prufurd homepage*
  2. Possible placement on Music homepages*
  3. Possible placement on mobilebda page*
  4. Possible placement on various other pages on Prufurd*

^revenues, income, payments, etc. will begin once there are brands become partners on the site (by 9/1/24, hopefully sooner)

*These placements would drive more potential view/streams to your pages

#coming soon